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The repair estimate  A written estimate is an accurate assessment of what needs repair or replacement. This is best achieved after the equipment has been removed. How your home and valuables recover from this type of disaster depends on the water's severity, you, your insurance company and the company you choose to restore the loss.

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Things to Know When Dealing With a Water Loss. 

Please leave your loss to professionals. Insurance companies respect our expertise. Every effort will be made to mitigate your loss in an expedient manner.

Structural work. Only those portions of your home's structure and contents immediately affected by water will be attended to. Unnecessary removal of contents, surfaces and finishes is kept to a minimum during the dry-down process.

Wet carpet and wet padding is removed (to be replaced later). We germicide all surfaces to halt mildew growth. 

Our technicians Immediately upon arrival, we will start wiping excess water from furniture and contents. We will place blocking between furniture and wet carpet. Sagging ceilings and saturated wall cavities will be opened to the minimum extent possible and germicide applied to allow for proper dry-down. Debris is bagged and removed while contents are thoroughly cleaned. We offer inventory documentation services and make photos available of the loss to aid your insurance company's adjuster.

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Off-site dry-down and repairs  Important papers, books, photographs and computer disks saturated by water will be evaluated for advanced drying and recovery procedures. Quick response can result in recovered and restored property. Specialty furniture restoration services will be performed off-site by qualified and experienced craftsmen.

Unsanitary water Under these conditions, technicians wearing appropriate protective clothing and safety devices disinfect and sanitize the work area prior to handling contaminated items. Contaminated items that can't be cleaned are set aside for inventory, valuation, and disposal.

Public Safety  Technicians will look for hidden areas affected by both clean and unsanitary water conditions. Questionable areas are treated with appropriate germicidal detergents and deodorants. Occupants with special health concerns and pets will be asked to vacate the site during the initial cleaning. They may, under some conditions, want to remain off-site until the dry-down is complete. Safety is our top priority.

During the dry-down Floors may pop and further evidence of damage will become apparent. Our technicians will return to shift equipment. The relative humidity near the loss will be high, as moisture travels through the air into the dehumidifier. For safety reasons, young children and pets should be kept away from equipment during the dry-down process.

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