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Should your electronics require cleaning TVs, VCRs, computers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, tapes, CDs, etc. We handle the external and internal cleaning of these items.

Fine Art hanging on walls or standing as statuary can degrade if not attended to quickly and expertly. We handle with care all types of fine art, collectibles and musical instruments, including ceramics, glassware, fabrics and metalwork.

Packing out your home may be called for
, depending on how secure and safe the structure is. Our packers clean and inventory everything we remove.

We've built our excellent reputation on thorough Detail Cleaning. Nothing remains untouched or missed. You'll be impressed with our strict attention to detail and this high level of cleaning.


Things To Know When Dealing With A Fire Loss 

Please leave your loss to professionals. Insurance companies respect our expertise. Every effort will be made to mitigate your loss in an expedient manner.

Avoid handling or trying to clean anything. Fine soot particles cover most of your home's ceilings, walls, trim, doors, windows, floors, fixtures, furniture and valuables. Soot is acidic and degrades all surfaces it settles on.

​Structure and Contents Cleaning Services & Repair

24/7 emergency services

The acidic degrading nature of soot requires that the clean-up be run by a knowledgeable, professional company. Fireclean handles more fires in one month than most "disaster companies" handle in one year.

has prepared this document to help you.
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Remain off carpets and upholstered furniture. Walking on carpet pushes fine soot deep into the pile, making it more difficult to remove. The same is true for upholstered furniture and fabrics.

Wait before retrieving valuables. Instead, make a list of your valuables' whereabouts. Once the structure has been determined safe, our technicians can safely help you gather and inventory them.

Our experienced Dry-Cleaner can properly restore your clothes, sheers, and drapes to a pre-loss condition.
They can fast-track needed or frequently used items, or clean and store items as needed. We will call them in for you.